Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Music- First look and Expected Price in India

4 Reasons why Samsung Galaxy Music shouldn't be bought

  1. It comes with a 3 inch (240×320) display which is not good for watching video.
  2. It just has a 3 megapixel rear camera without flash. No front camera, it means it is unsuitable for video calling.
  3. The colour of the panel may attract only a few. It comes with a blue back panel which looks clumsy.
  4. Model looks similar to Galaxy pocket. No innovation.

Other Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Music

  • Music Player with Sound alive feature 
  • Stereo FM with RDS
  • Front stereo loudspeaker with surround audio effect.
  • RAM – 512mb
  • Internal memory – 4GB
  • Expandable memory – 32GB
  • Dimension – 110.1 × 59.0 × 12.25 mm, 106.9g
  • Battery: Standard battery Lion 1,300mAh 

Samsung Galaxy Music expected price in India

The specifications seem to be a lower end model more or less similar to Samsung Y duos. So we can expect this mobile too in the range of Rs.7000/-. The audio feature and the proclaimed projector feature may add an additional 0.5k to it. So it should not be more than Rs.7500 in maximum.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

BSNL 3G Data plans, Tariff and Validity - Complete list

 BSNL 3G Data tariff in Chennai and Tamil Nadu as on 14.07.2012.

3 Days
100 mb
200 mb
1 Month
300 mb
7 Days
1000 mb
1 Month
1250 mb
1 Month
2500 mb
3 Months
3000 mb
1 Month
5000 mb
1 Month
10000 mb
3 Months
15000 mb
3 Months
30000 mb

1. How to activate BSNL 3G?
  Type DATA"Pack Value" and sent to 53733. E.g To activate Rs.25 Send DATA25 from your mobile to 53733. SMS to 53733 will not be charged.

2. How to check BSNL 3G data balance and validity?
  Type DATA3G and send it to 53733.

3. If BSNL 3G tower is not available, what will happen to my data? Will I be charged for 2G data?
 If 3G tower is not there, automatically you will connected via 2G network and your mobile works at 2G speed using the available 3G data.

Source of Information : BSNL Customer Care, Chennai and Tamil Nadu region

Friday, November 25, 2011

How to increase volume of custom notification tone in Samsung galaxy phones?

I am sure people using Samsung phones especially the new galaxy models would have scratched there head to change the default ringtone for notification tones into custom tones in Samsung phones. When the first mission of adding custom tone is over then starts the second mission of not knowing how to increase the volume/sound of the added notification tones. If you are not yet sure of how to add custom tones Samsung models then here are few steps which guide you to add custom tone of your wish. People who are aware of adding the custom tone but do know how to increase the sound of the notification tones, can scroll down and find below the guidelines for adding custom tones.

How to add custom notification tones to your Samsung mobiles?

  • Step 1: Go to my files. (This is the folder where contents from your memory card will be there).
  • Step 2: Create a folder "media", open the media folder and create another sub folder "audio", again open the audio folder and create another sub folder "notification".
  • Step 3: Add custom tones which you like into this notification folder through file transfer.
  • Step 4: After you added the tones through file transfer, ensure the following happens," Preparing SD card. Media scanning completed". This step ensures that the media file added is integrated.
  • Step 5 : Go to Settings> Sound > Notification ringtone. Here you can find the custom tones along with the default tones.

Application for creating notification tone (alternative method)

 There is also an alternative method to do using application. This app not only helps you to set your notification tone but also helps you to edit easily.

  • Step 1: Download "Ringdroid" from the android market or you can directly download to your pc from other external sites and transfer to your and then install.
  • Step 2: Open the application and search for the tone/music which you like to keep as your custom notification/ringtone.
  • Step 3: Click the audio file and then click edit.
  • Step 4: If you like to trim the music file, you can trim by adjusting the timing.Then click to save it. While saving it will ask option to set it as ringtone or notification tone etc.,
  • Step 5: Choose notification tone or ringtone and save. Now you can find the notification tone of your choice along with the custom tones in Settings> Sound > Notification ringtone.

Guidelines to increase the volume of notification tone/sound for custom tones

 After creating custom tone the next hurdle which most of us get into is the volume of the notification tone which is hardly audible compared to the default tones. The same notification tone will be audible if it is played in music player but might not sound good if it is played as a notification tone. I understand most of you might have faced this issue. So here is the practical guideline which can be followed to increase the volume of the custom notification tone.
The first and foremost thing which you have to do is to edit the audio notification file using a audio editor. Probably it may be done with any audio editors which helps you in boosting the audio. The one which I preferred is by using "Nero Wave Editor" which comes along with the Nero 10 pack.
Boosting the volume of the custom notification tone using Nero wave editor.

  • Step 1: Open Nero wave editor and add the audio file (which you would like to keep as notification tone).
  • Step 2: Select the complete track and then click on Volume tab and in the down bar choose the Volume change.
  • Step 3: Increase the volume to 10dB and then click ok. (You can experiment by increasing the decibel (dB) further,but keep n eye on the noise as increase in dB might create noise). You can undo in edit tab if your experiment fails with more noise.
  • Step 4: After increasing the volume play the track to find if any noise is present.
  • Step 5: Click "Enhancement" and in the drop down menu click "Noise reduction" and then click ok.
  • Step 6: Go to "Effects" and in the drop down menu click on Loudness and increase the "loudness". I increased till 10.2. You can experiment by increase further.
  • Step 7: Click one save as and save it in your hard disk.
  • Step 8: Transfer it into the notification folder inside the media folder in memory card.
  • Step 9: Now the volume should be sound audible equivalent to the default tones.
 Note: Subscribe to get updates on various other software's and operations to boost to volume which will be updated in course of time. Comment below for further queries. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Velayutham Movie Review - Grand Opening

Velayutham is one of the most anticipated movies this year. It released along with the much hyped Ra-one and 7am arivu. Booking started before a couple of days and it is said that most of the shows for the first week has been already booked. Mayajaal multiplex itself increased it shows from 10 to 25 the very first day of ticket reservation after great demand. Premier shows have already released in UK and several countries the day before its release in India. In Tamil Nadu the first show started from 4.30 in the morning in many theatres across the state.
What Velayutham is all about?
 Velu (Vijay) is a milk man in a village. Hansika Motwani plays the village girl (maama ponnu exactly) and Saranya Mohan is his beautiful sister. To get the money deposited in chit fund and to purchase dress etc., for his sister marriage, Velu moves to Chennai along with the family and friends. Genelia who is actually a television reporter creates a fictional character named Velayutham to fight against the misdeeds of the villians. Accidentally Vijay is assumed as the super hero when he brings out the bomb placed in the railway station without his knowledge while chasing Santhaanam (introduced in this scene) who steals his bag. Similarly few incidents happen and people start to believe that Velayutham will fight against social problems and help them in trouble. Genelia later describes the incidents occurred so far and asks Vijay to be the Velayutham. This is where the interval is placed. The second half is all about the common man (velu) fight against social misdeeds in the name of Velayutham (assumed to be a hero).
Velayudham – Positive aspects
 Vijay is the first and foremost to be admired. His dance skills, face expressions, actions, acting are worth watching. At many instances it hardly makes us to believe that he is almost in the age of 40. Still he is charming like a young hero. Vijay acting during his sister death gets a special applause and it’s very natural. He still proves that he is the best dancer in Tamil cinema. Climax dialogues in the stadium make us to think a while.  Secondly it’s none other than Santhanam. His timing jokes and dialogue delivery entertain the crowd completely. He perfectly played his part and plays a major role in the pace of the first half. Saranya Mohan, Hansika and Genelia too played here role perfectly. Out of them Genelia has an upper hand in character. Saranya Mohan looks so pretty. To be frank there were talks in the theatre that Saranya mohan is much prettier than both the heroines.  Jayam Raja has given a very good screen play which moves in a pace in first half and good action sequences in second half.
Velayutham – Negative aspects
 The only things which can be said as a negative aspect are few stunts in the film. However they come behind a logical reason in the story. The pace is reduced for a while in the second half but gets the pace again after the Rathathin Rathamey song. Over all these negative facts become negligible behind the positive aspects.
Does Velayutham have any relation with Assassins creed?
 Velayutham doesn’t have any relation with the Assassin’s creed game, except the dress code to some extent.
 Overall, Velayutham is going to be the blockbuster this Diwali. It’s a complete entertainment pack by the director. Though the expectation meter was slightly below Ra-one and 7am arivu, it is damn sure from the critics from the audience, that Velayutham will be the clear cut winner in the box office. Definetly, “Intha Diwali velayutham ku super collection ma”.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

7amarivu review from the audience in preview show

7amarivu (7th sense) is really one of the most expected movie this Diwali. This might be due to the winning combination of A.R.Murugadoss and Surya. Trailers which contained the story line caught attention from audience. It was expected to release on the eve of Diwali, but it has been released the day before Diwali calling it a preview show. Sources say that it is the stiff competition from Vijay starring Velayutham and  SRK's dream project Ra one is responsible for the early release.
  The heavy rain in the city has made me to miss the preview show. So I started searching for updates in Twitter and Facebook from the viewers who are watching the movie. To my surprise most of the tweets were on negative side quoting that the first half is bad.
 Here I would like to give some extracts from the blog which is updated from the person from the preview show,
Blooger updates for 7amarivu
"Ringa Ringa Song - Good Picturization of the song, but the situation is silly"
"Shruthi Hassan is the dumbest actress I have ever came across. Absolutely stone faced"
"Yamma Yamma song - Hero cheated by Heroine - Movie falling flat. Countless walkouts for this song. Good song wasted."
Twitter updates for 7amarivu
@Venkiraja : One silly followed by another silly scene making the previous look like a master piece.
@Andrewdanney : First half mokka...second half going on.
@nravs : Watched 7amarivu...not worth the hype.For sure this s not going to remade in Hindi.
@Harshan_Tweets : Enna brother 7amarivu ippadi ayiduchu.
@Shaanfugo : Interval at FDFS. Film is good, but songs are not at all needed and crap.

For more updates from twitter (until you watch the movie), search #7amarivu in twitter search bar to know audience response.
Visit back to get the complete movie review.
Twitter, Facebook, harithehero.blogspot

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Team England - Best Test Team Ever

  England is now the best team in the world of test cricket. It stood in the podium after the hat-trick victory against the mighty Indians who were trashed like the minnows. What is the secret behind the success of the present England team? What made them actually to attain the No:1 spot?

 The England team started its series of victories in Test cricket before the world cup and the Ashes are the one worthy remembering. Though they had a great league stage world cup matches, they were knocked out later. However their domination in the test cricket prevailed and it was again proved through the victory against the Sri Lankan team followed by the massive victory against the mighty Indians. The team is completely balanced and it is not dependent on a particular player, the entire 11 is contributing to the match with a good strength in the bench too. Probably the county matches are the prime reason behind the success rate in the English team, where as the Indian players are purely focusing on short time matches like that in IPL which gives them more money. 
England Team - Formidable Test Team
 Having a look at the squad and the players form one can easily say how formidable they are against the opponent and particularly in their home turf.

  • Strauss and Cook are now the best opening test pair.
  • Jonathan Trott, Kevin Pieterson, Ian Bell, Eoin Morgan form a mighty middle order with great form.
  • Stuart Broad ,Tim Bresnan,Graeme Swann have an impressive bowling attack combined with effective batting skills in the low order when the team has given away their batting line up.
  • Anderson is in form with his ball and troubling the opponents with swing combined with the pace.
  • Matt Prior too is a regular contributor to the team.
  • Bopara, Tremlet, Finn give a mighty back up to the squad.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sardarji short film Songs and BGM

 When I saw the movie Maalai Neram. I was very much excited with the performance of Javeed . Most of you will be in the same criteria and thats why you are here. He is really awesome and we can even say that he is the AR Rahman in the short films. His upcoming project is Sardarji and the music is too good in this movie too. Poo Vaniley and Tum sey mey pyaar karthhu (fast and slow) are the songs in the movie. As usual it rocks in a different dimension. Hats off to you Javeed. Hope we can see you very soon in the silver screen.

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