Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How To Complete a Survey Successfully - Hidden Secrets

 Previously, I have written an article on, " How to get more surveys" . Here I would like to help you out on how to complete a survey successfully crossing the screening questions.
 Most of you might have wondered why the survey screened you out saying that you are not eligible or you are not in the list of required group of people.It's pretty simple if the survey is basically to know about when you will replace your old car.It will screen you out when you say that "No" for the question "Do you have car".Similarly if it is to know some thing about students and if you choose working full time or part time you will be screened out.Then you may ask me how to pass the screening.Its very easy and just follow the guidelines below,

  •  Always read the mail or the survey notification properly before making your attempt to take the survey.This will clearly tell you about what is the survey about. For example, " Survey on Electronics" , "Survey on consumer goods", " Survey on Information Technology", "Survey about Vehicle","Survey on Travel". So this will tell you clearly about the survey which you are going to take so that you can answer accordingly.
  • Usually a survey will begin with asking your name and sex. (Are you xxx? Sex? Age?)Give this clearly. This will not be a problem for most cases, but be careful while giving the age.Mostly choose 21 or above and below 21 for education related surveys.
  • Next they will ask you what do you do? Give working full time with 30+ hours. This will take you next in most cases.If a tick square box is given choose studying part time extra.Choose studying full time for education related surveys.
  • Next is important-They will ask you about your family.It is "Any of your family working in Media, Market research or so on". This will be always asked in screening.Always click" None of these".This will surely take you to next question.
  • Then if it takes you to the survey similar question will be asked answer relatively.
  • Some times there is a possibility finally they will ask whether you have attended a similar survey in the within the last month.Just say no, even if you have attended.


Rahul said...

What do i select in annual revenue and company size question?

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